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Scivi - visualization plugin for XMMS  v.0.2.0.rc3

Visualization plugin for XMMS, the X Multimedia System. Plugin uses OpenGL for rendering and scripts to define visualization types you

SoundScape (Winamp Visualization Plugin)  v.b.0.b

SoundScape: a winamp visualization plugin written in OpenGL. It sports a waveform oscilloscope, fractal terrain, and an amorphous blob that pulsates to the music.

DarkVis Winamp Visualization Plugin  v.32

DarkVis the Open Source OpenGL based Winamp Visualization

OpenI: OLAP Data Visualization Plugin  v.3.0.1

OpenI plugin for Pentaho CE provides a simple and clean user interface to visualize data in OLAP cubes. It supports both direct Mondrian and xmla based connections like Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), plus provides add-on features like

3DScape  v.New

3DScape is designed as an accessible and handy 3D visualization plugin for Cytoscape. 3DScape is an Open Source Java application. The extra dimension in 3DScape offers more flexibility for hierarchical or layered representation in Cytoscape.

OntoSphere 3D  v.rc.20060609

Ontology visualization plugin for Protege in an interactive 3D

Palace Device Control Interface  v.0.2.1

Palace is a visualization plugin for XMMS that allows musical control of a light show connected to a PC-style parallel port. Eventually it will become a generic "real-world" device control

Pixapr  v.1.2.0

Pixapr is a visualization plugin for XMMS, but not regular visualization plugin. It will output REAL light show by devices controlled via parallel port. It is based on XPLSISNJASP and Palace. Pixapr stands for Pixapr Is Xplsisnjasp And Palace

Showtime  v.1.0

Showtime is a hardware visualization plugin. It will output REAL light show by devices controlled via parallel port and USB. It is similar to XPLSISNJASP, Palace and Pixapr, but it should work on all players which support libvisual.

Spectrum Shift  v.1.23

Spectrum Shift comes with numerous psychedelic visualization effects that will enhance the tracks you play with Windows Media Player or iTunes. It is designed to provide an instrument for modulating color in real time under direct user control. In

AEGIS ARIA Developer tool  v.1.0

AEGIS ARIA Palette - plugin provides palette with jQuery, MooTools and Fluid Infusion toolkit components that are upgraded according to ARIA specification. This palette allows easy and fast building of ARIA application based on these ...

Morphyre  v.1.48

Morphyre will provide users with a Visualizations System made by real enthusiasts. Morphyre's fusion of imaginative visuals and sound enhances and transforms the experience of listening to music on your Computer. Every Morphyre scene moves in time


XPLSISNJASP (what a great name right?

NSIS Skincrafter plugin  v.1.0

NSIS SkinCrafter Plugin is a freeware developer tool for install packages skinning created with NSIS installer. In other words this simple add-on lets you create good looking interface of your NSIS setup package.

Wire Pilot Plugin  v.1.00 Free

Photo retouching plugin removes wires and other unwanted linear objects

Shareware-List search plugin  v.1.1

This search plugin for Firefox allows you to search Shareware-List website right from your browser. You can find easy in this way the latest updates of thousand shareware and freeware programs.

Visualization in Geometric Knot Theory  v.New

Visualization in Geometric Knot Theory is a small, Java based application specially designed to help you create different interactive visualizations in geometric knot theory. Most of the software's options are available via the context menu of

MSU Subtitle Remover VirtualDub plugin  v.3.0beta2

Free high-quality subtitle remover plugin for VirtualDub. This plugin is intended to remove subtitles from video sequences. Main features: -User-friendly interface; -Presets for fast and easy parameters tunung; -Two processing modes:

MSU Denoiser VirtualDub plugin  v.2.5.1

Free high-quality video denoising plugin for VirtualDub. Uses GPU for ultimate performance. Easy to use: there is fully automatic mode and several presets for different noise levels. Filter is designed for video quality improvement by noise removal,

MSU Image Restoration Photoshop plugin  v.1.5

Free high-quality image restoration plugin. The filter filling in picked out damaged area using only space data. This filter is intended to repairing image (removing scratches, spots and etc), removing undesirable 'objects'. It has different types of

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